So you’re looking to sell your home?

Whether you’re looking to sell your home to climb the property ladder, downsize or sell an investment property, let’s make it happen! Vancouver is a fast paced, educated market, so you need a good realtor on your side to ensure the property shows it best and it marketed properly so it can be sold to the right Buyer for the best price.The reason for your sale and your future plan will dictate certain parts of the sales process, but I hope this guide gives you an idea of what to expect.

Professional Photography & Video

I work with industry leading photographers and videographers to showcase all the features of your property.  I make sure to capture every portion of your home, making it stand out from similar listings in your area.


I have your property professionally measured so buyers can visualize themselves in your home after they have left a showing or open house. Buyers from abroad love having floor plans if they are not available to view the property in person.

Print Marketing

Professionally designed Just Listed mailers to ensure all your neighbours know your property is for sale even if they are not active on MLS, they may know someone looking to move into the neighbourhood. Custom brochures featuring professional photos, floor plans, neighbourhood information and much more.

Drone & Aerial Footage

Used primarily for detached homes and lots - a great way to showcase your property from all angles. This method allows for us to capture viewpoints of your home which might not been seen with a traditional camera. Cutting-edge, as well as efficient, our drone photography brings out the true beauty of your home and/or property.

Digital Marketing

Having a strong online presence is imperative in marketing homes in today's market - we have a professional Social Media manager for online ads, exposure for your home on multiple custom websites.


For Sale sign seen by anyone driving or walking by.  Our experts make sure to use proper styles, colours, and fonts in order to capture the attention of all who pass by. 

Steps Involved in Selling a Home:

1. Deciding to
Sell Your Home

This is always a big decision as it affects many aspects of your life. You’ll need to understand that for a few weeks while your property is being prepared to be listed, you’ll need to repair some minor things around your home, and while it’s on the market, you’ll need to keep the home clean. You’ll have to be ready to show the home given some notice, and we’ll be doing weekend Open Houses to get Buyers through. We’ll also have to talk negotiation when offers come to the table and will perhaps have to start the buying process for your new home. Regardless, I’ll be guiding you through the process to make it as stress free and successful as possible.

2. Home Evaluation

To ensure that your property receives maximum exposure and is able to sell for top dollar, you need a good marketing plan and up-to-date information on the current market. This process starts when you contact me for more information. It’s best if I can come through the property to view in person, but if that’s not possible, I can still give you an idea of value and your next steps.

3. Preparation for
the Sale

If you’re keen on selling – whether now or a few months from now – get started on the prep work. This might include small home renovation jobs, interior or exterior painting, de-cluttering and staging. This process can be as quick as a few days or as long as a few months, depending on what’s required and what you’re planning on doing.

4. Pricing Strategy

Properly pricing your home for sale will affect the final price you receive as well as how long it’s on the market. My job is to get you the highest possible price under the best terms, but this doesn’t always mean pricing it high. You have a couple options when it comes to pricing your home:

5. The Sale Process

Once your property looks great inside and out, and we’ve decided on the list price and dates, I’ll get to work! I’ll go through the listing documents required to get the property on the market, I’ll do research into the building and I’ll ensure that I know as many details of the property and neighbourhood as possible. It’s my goal to be the expert to ensure all Buyers and their agents know the benefits and features of your home so they can feel confident that it’s a good option for them. I will follow up with any potential Buyers or agents who inquire about the property to keep the line of communication open so your home remains an option for them. 

We’ll plan Open Houses for the weekends, and I’ll let you know when I receive showing requests to you can ensure the property is clean. I also have extra information available with me during showings – which includes the high quality brochures, information on the neighbourhood and up to date information on recent home and building maintenance.

6. Negotiating an Offer

After fielding questions, calls and appointments to view the home, we’ll talk about and negotiate any offers that come to the table so that the result is in your best interest. When we do receive an offer, you have three choices:
  1. Accept the Offer as is – when the dates line up, the price is right and the terms are good.
  2. Deny the offer – when the offer doesn’t make sense for you and isn’t worthwhile to counter. 
  3. Counter the offer – hanging any part of the offer that isn’t ideal for you, whether that is price, dates or terms. 
I’ll take you through each of these choices, along with our negotiation tactics so you can be assured that you’re making a good decision. I have a strong understanding of contracts and the legalities around contract clauses and terms, so rest assured, you’ll know your responsibilities with regards to any accepted offers. 

7. Buyer's Due Diligence

Once you’ve accepted an offer, it’s time for the Buyer to start their due diligence. You don’t have to do much during this period aside from answering any odd questions they may have that I don’t know the answer to, and allowing access to your home for the property inspection. I’ll manage this process to mitigate any issues and keep the Buyers confidence high.

8. An Official Sale

If the Buyers choose to go through with the purchase they’ll submit to us a document indicating that they’ll be “removing the subject clauses on the contract” to create a firm Contract of Purchase and Sale. Once the buyers submit that subject removal document, along with their deposit, it’s a done deal!

9. Celebration!

This is the easiest and best step in the process – take some time to let the sale sink in and celebrate! You’ve worked hard to get to this point. Visit your favourite coffee shop or restaurant a few more times, enjoy the neighbourhood and starting getting ready for the move.

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